Can you guess the 10 oldest restaurant chains in America?

Travel back in time in America 60, 80, 100 years. You already know you would have to give up your laptop, your cell phone, and your Starbucks, but could you count on anything being the same? It turns out, yes. Believe it or not. Some of America’s biggest fast food mega-empires were built starting as early as 1919! Of course, they were much smaller scale, but some menu items even remain the same. So which of our fast food favs could we eat at on our trip to the past? Here are the 10 oldest fast food restaurants in the county: 10. McDonald’s Year founded: 1955 Cracking the top 10 list, is the most successful fast food chain of them all. McDonald’s got its start in 1955 when Ray Kroc saw the potential of a small California burger shop where the owners, Dick and Mac MacDonald, had developed some unique…

In-N-Out Burger voted America’s favorite fast-food restaurant again

One fast-food joint continues to attract fans from all across America — even if they’re only found on one coast. For the second year in a row, In-N-Out Burger has topped Market Force’s annual customer survey of the nation’s favorite quick-serve restaurant chains. Despite being famously limited to the West Coast, the beloved California-based burger chain earned a 76 percent rating in customer loyalty — higher than any restaurant in any category. In-N-Out has more than 300 locations, all in western states. But there’s competition on the horizon. While In-N-Out Burger won Market Force’s survey last year, Five Guys won out in the separate Harris Poll last year. Chick-Fil-A fans voted the chicken chain second place with an overall ranking and 73 percent in customer loyalty. Other big winners include Culver’s, a burger chain originating in Wisconsin now found in 24 states with 66 percent loyalty, and Raising Cane’s, another specialty chicken restaurant.…