ice cubes


Get your ice cubes to stop sticking with this easy trick

If you’re like many Americans, the ice cube maker on your refrigerator is broken no less than 364 days a the year — and that’s if you’re lucky enough to have one. Most of us still rely on the ancient technology that is ice cube trays. But even trusty trays come with problems. With only 12 cubes per freeze (24 if you’re fancy and have two trays!), you’re out of ice in no time, especially if you are entertaining. You probably freeze cubes ahead of time and store then in your freezer’s side bid or even a plastic bag. But right when you go to gather the fruits of your pre-planning labor, you find your cubes have fused together into an enormous indoor iceberg.  Yuck! Avoiding this situation in the future is a total cinch. Don’t let your ice cubes stick together in the first place. Here’s how: Also see, the difference…