10 foods that can substitute as cleaning supplies

Cleaning your house isn’t exactly fun, but you might be able to make it easier — or at least, more amusing — with one of these 10 foods substituting as cleaning supplies. You can save some money by not spending on expensive specialty products. Not to mention, you can avoid coming in contact with a ton of potentially harmful chemicals that store-bought brands typically contain. These tricks will help you keep more money in your wallet, and they support a healthier lifestyle. Who doesn’t want that? 1. Coca-Cola Coke isn’t just for sipping. The highly carbonated beverage contains phosphoric acid, citric acid, and carbonic acid — all which help it serve as a cleaning product substitute. Use it to take rust off of pots, remove, remove hard stains for inside the toilet bowl, restore shine to coins and jewelry, and get grease out of clothes. 2. Ketchup It’s might be…