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Hamburgers vs hot dogs: which is healthier?

It’s almost the Fourth of July, and chances are you’re about to face the toughest choice of your summer: hot dog or hamburger? If you’re thinking “Both!” you’re in good company. But if you’re trying to make healthier choices this holiday, “both” probably shouldn’t be your response. Consider what a registered dietitian says about this age-old American debate. The Hot Dog Hot dogs typically have about 150 calories. Add a bun and some condiments, and you quickly hit about 300 calories — still a very reasonable amount of calories for a dinner entree. Their smaller size gives them a caloric advantage over the hamburger, but there are some disadvantages to hot dogs. Hot dogs have about 5 grams of saturated fat, which is pretty high for what you’re getting. They’re also packed with sodium (about 500 mg in contrast to 375 mg a burger might have) and sodium nitrites or nitrates, which may…

14 surprising foods you can grill

If you’ve limited yourself to grilled steaks, you’re seriously missing out. Bring out your adventurous spirit this summer and give yourself more reasons to fire up those flames. Pineapple, pound cake, and pizza are just the beginning! There’s no need to eat boring food when you have a grill nearby. Start with a few of the delicious looking treats below and see what else you’re inspired to sizzle. 1. Grilled bacon Bacon can create quite a mess when cooked indoors. Try grilling it instead. Since it won’t sit in it’s own fat while cooking, it’s a slightly healthier way to cook it. Slices will be crispy and perfect for topping burgers, salads or even just for breakfast. 2. Grilled Caesar Salad You’ve had Caesar salad so many times, you always know what you’re getting. Take that basic salad to the next level with grilled Romaine and grilled croutons. https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/grilled-vanilla-french-toast-51241430 3. Grilled French…