The right way to pronounce ‘gyro’

The gyro. It’s a delicious sandwich typically made with thinly sliced lamb, tzatziki sauce, and onion rolled in a warm pita. Something that simple shouldn’t be so complicated to order. After all, it’s only four letters. But what’s the proper way to pronounce “gyro?” The word for this classic Greek sandwich was borrowed by the English language in the 1970s, but since then, Americans have butchered the pronunciation to the point we’re no longer sure how to say it. We can no longer order this classic Greek sandwich with confidence. Most people agree that gyros are delicious, but they tend to disagree on how to pronounce g-r-y-o. Is it GUY-roh? ZHI-ROH? Or maybe JAI-roh? Some say GEE-roh or JEE-roh. Luckily, this isn’t one of those situations where it depends. There is a clear right and wrong way. And the right way: YEE-roh. JAI-row is probably the most common way of…

This is why you’ve never eaten a fresh olive

Olives are fruits that grow on trees, but have you ever wondered why you’ve never seen a fresh olive in the produce section of your grocery store? And did you know that those black olives sitting atop your pizza slice probably started in groves as green olives? As part of the series Reactions, The American Chemical Society and PBS Digital Studios produced a video that touches on the history of eating olives — it’s actually pretty recent — as well as the three chemical processes that make olives lose the terrible tasting compound, oleurpein, that prevents us from eating them fresh. Check this out to learn more about the three chemical methods producers can use on the fruit of the Olea Europaea to bring us the salty little snacks we know and love.  Why can’t you buy fresh olives? https://youtu.be/oStoeHntfG8 Also see, VIDEO: How to build the perfect charcuterie tray. Follow us on Instagram.