Why you should always store your wine bottles horizontally

If you’ve ever sat down to enjoy a nice, relaxing glass of your favorite wine only to have the cork crumble into the bottle, you’re not alone. It turns out, this devastating scene happens because you — and millions of other wine drinkers — don’t realize that proper wine storage is actually really important. There’s a good reason why wine racks typically have the bottle lying down. “Bottles of wine should be stored horizontally to keep the wine in contact with the cork and help prevent the cork from drying out,” wine critic and write Joanna Simon told Cosmopolitan. If a wine cork dries out, it can become brittle and break with just a small amount of pressure. These can lead to those cork fragments floating around your wine glass. Corks are susceptible to drying if not stored properly, and they’re also naturally breakable. “Corks can become crumbly and friable with age — it being…