Newspaper writes correction for erroneously calling hot dog a sandwich

Newspapersย take pride in getting the facts right the first time, so it all that more difficult for them to admit they’ve made a mistake. But one newspaper is taking steps to correct a decades old error. The Louisville Courier-Journal hasย issued a correction for six previous articles, which erroneously refer to hot dogs as sandwiches. The articles were published between 1887 and 1966, so the mistake could almost be forgiven, but given that it’s National Hot Dog month, the paper sought to make things right, stating: On the following dates, the Courier-Journalย incorrectly referred to hot dogs as sandwiches: Oct. 2, 1887; Aug. 10, 1901; March 20, 1904; July 21, 1935; Jan. 14, 1939; May 4, 1941; Sept. 15, 1950; June 29, 1958; Nov. 16, 1961; and Aug. 4, 1966. Among those errors were references to a frankfurter sausage sandwich, frankfurter sandwich, coney island sandwich, frankfurter sandwich with mustard, and, the most…