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Grocery stores open on Christmas Day 2019

In a perfect world, you’ve had plenty of time to plan your holiday menu, you’ve been able to shop for all the ingredients, and you know exactly how many people are coming to dinner. Then there’s real life. If your platter of Christmas cookies go crashing to the floor, you realize the morning-of you forget to pick up your holiday ham, or you didn’t account on your cousin bringing his new girlfriend… and his roommate, don’t stress. Pull off a little Christmas miracle and head to one of these convenience or grocery stores on Christmas Day. These stores will have open hours on December 25, 2019 to help you turn your holiday mishaps back into magic. Most grocery stores are closed entirely for Christmas Day, so we’ve included convenience stores on this list, as well, to give you more options. Whether it’s wine, eggnog, candy, or canned corn, you just…

24 grocery stores open on Thanksgiving 2019

It’s Thanksgiving Day and you’ve been planning for weeks. You triple checked your grocery list and have everything in the kitchen under control. And then… oh no! You burnt the rolls! Or you forgot the cranberry sauce, or you dropped the gravy โ€” whatever the mishap, your family will never let you live it down. Off to the grocery store you go. But which grocery stores are even open on Thanksgiving this year? Be thankful this Thanksgiving that lots of grocery stores have your back for when things in the kitchen go a little unplanned. Here are 20 grocery stores that will save you: Food Lion Most Food Lion locations will be open on Thanksgiving Day, though some may close earlier than usual โ€” at either 3 p.m. or 5 p.m. Call your nearby store ahead of time to be sure. Whole Foods Market Run out of wine early? Whole…