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9 of the funniest Thanksgiving dinner scenes on television

Holidays are nothing if they’re not humorous. Burnt turkeys. Family fights. Bad weather. Wait… why do we look forward to them again?ย Regardless of the craziness, we love all things that celebrate this time of year, so put on your stretchy pants, grab a big piece of pumpkin pie and relive your favorite television holiday mishaps.ย Here are 9 Thanksgiving small screen scenes to be thankful for. CHEERS Carla invites everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner, but while the gang is waiting for Norm’s turkey’s “little pop thing” to pop out, tensions run high and a food fight erupts. https://youtu.be/fX6bQkiu8JI EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND Debra and Marie plan a healthy Thanksgiving dinner to help with their cholesterol. Not surprisingly, the tofurkey doesn’t go over well with the family. https://youtu.be/-Qvwfy0MVJw FRIENDS Always a fan of food, Joey tackles the whole turkey. https://youtu.be/YxGeLklMkKw HAPPY DAYS It’s Thanksgiving day and Marion gets upset because her family can’t…