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Proper dinner party Etiquette tips for our high-tech times

When Emily Post wrote her first book, Etiquette, in 1922, she could have hardly imagined the types of dining-related topics we’d be disputing today. Selfies during dinner? Asking the hostess for wi-fi access? What would Ms. Post think of our table manners in the age of technology? Luckily, Lizzie Post, great-great granddaughter of Emily Post, author, and co-president of the Emily Post Institute, has carried on her famous ancestor’s etiquette empire. Lizzie offers a fresh perspective on whether our modern day dinner party habits are acceptable or faux-pax. Here’s how she recommends handling a few of the high-tech situations you’re likely to find yourself in this holiday season: Facebook RSVPS If you get a Facebook party invitation and either forget to respond or don’t see it until the last minute, don’t fret. Lizzie says that sending Facebook invites is definitely more for casual holiday parties anyway, and it’s common for guests to overlook…