What people are stockpiling during the coronavirus panic

There’s no denying that fears of a widerspread coronavirus outbreak are sweeping the nation. Despite what health experts are recommending at this time, U.S. citizens are stockpiling extra dry goods in the event they find themselves stuck at home for some amount of time. Face mask, hand sanitizer, and cases of bottled water have been flying off grocery store shelves for weeks, but what are the other most sought after items? According to Nielsen data, shelf-stable and longer-lasting foods have seen a spike in sales since late February, while fresh produce sales are noticeably lower. CNBC compared how this years product sales are comparing to last year’s sales of the sale time period. At U.S. stores, fruit snacks sales were up by nearly 13%. Dried beans were up 10%, and pretzels were up 9%. Other items like energy drinks, pet medicine, vitamin supplements, and first-aid kits also so an sales spike. Here’s…

Here’s what you should have in your emergency food stockpile

Hurricane Lane dropped record-breaking heavy rains that battered Hawaii this week, but that’s likely to just be the beginning. Hurricane season is expected to run through November 30 this year, with September being the peak season for storms in the Atlantic. It’s alway best to be prepared — if not over prepared — for disasters like hurricanes, especially if you live in a high-risk area. Because you’re going to have limited supplies in the event of an emergency, it’s important to make each item in your stash count. FEMA suggests foods that require no refrigeration, water, or special cooking. Foods can also lift morale and give a feeling of security in times of stress, so leave room for a few comfort items, as well. Here are some foods suggestions that should be in your stash: 1. Water Of course water is first and foremost. FEMA recommends having one gallon of…