10 Vegetables that are really fruits

Squeezing enough vegetables into your diet can be difficult enough โ€” and that’s before you start considering that some of those veggies are actually fruits. Scientifically speaking, a fruit comes from a seed-bearing part of a plant that grows as the result of a fertilized flower. Another way to tell is that fruits usually have seeds on the inside. Vegetables on the other hand, come from just about any other part of a plant. Fruits and vegetables tend to get categorized in Western culture based off of how we use them โ€” savory must mean it’s a vegetable, and sweet must mean it’s a fruit. But of course, in the botanical world, things are really more complicated than that. Here are 10 vegetables that really should count as part of your daily fruit intake: 1. Tomato You’ve likely heard this one before, but many people still get this wrong thanks…