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10 food trends you can expect to see in 2018

Whole foods released a list of the items its experts anticipate will have a place in your shopping cart in 2018. The list was compiled by industry experts, trend forecasters and buyers, so what they think will sell is likely what we’ll also be seeing on store shelves — and in Instagram photos — in the coming months. Many of the items aren’t brand new. Take tacos for instance. They appear on the list even though we’ve been obsessing over them for years. But it’s the boundaries the taco folks are pushing that lands them on the list — seaweed shells and even chocolate tortillas filled with ice cream. Here’s the full list of projected food trends for 2018: Flowers on everything From foragers to celebrity chefs, the edible petal trend will be in full bloom. Full flowers or even just the petals will appear in drinks and snacks. The trend adds subtly sweet taste, fresh aromatics…

Add flavor to your meals with flowers

Edible flowers are a fun way to add color to a cocktail or a meal — just be sure what you’re grabbing for in your garden won’t make you sick. Denise Schreiber, edible flower expert and author of Eat Your Roses… Pansies, Lavender and 49 Other Delicious Flowers, has been a flower-as-food fan for decades. On a trip to England’s Mottisfont Abbey in 1999, Schreiber discovered rose petal ice cream and her interest blossomed from there. “They had this little cup of of the ice cream, and once you put it in your mouth, it was the aroma of the rose on your tongue and in your mouth. It was fantastic,” said Schreiber. “When I came back to the States I started looking for recipes.” The edible flower trend has recently been on the rise, largely thanks to social media — but harvesting flowers as food is nothing new. Flowers have been included in the human diet as far…