Celebrate the Solar Eclipse with deals from these fast food joints

If you haven’t heard about the solar eclipse happening on Aug. 21, you’ve been living on another planet. Experts predict as many as 7.4 million people will temporarily migrate to towns in the path of “totality” this weekend — areas where the moon will completely block out the sun — resulting in what could be the biggest traffic jam in history. But if road trips mean one thing, it’s plenty of fast food stops along the way. Luckily, companies all across America are eager to celebrate the solar eclipse, too, even if they have no connection to science or astronomy. Here are some fun food deals you can scoop up as you hit the road this weekend. And be rejoice, because the last time the U.S. had a coast to coast eclipse it was 1918 and there weren’t many cars around for long road trips, and there definitely weren’t any Dairy Queen Blizzards! gasp! DAIRY…