eating contests


Coney Island and other crazy eating contests in the U.S.

Eating contests are about more than just a casual competition about seeing who can eat the most food the fastest. Major League Eating (MLE) is an actual organization that regulates the sport — much in the way Major League Baseball does. They oversee professional eating contests at fairs and festivals all around the country all year long. Even if you’re not up for the challenge of taking down dozens of hot dogs in a single sitting, you can stop by one of these festivals and be entertained by some of the world’s best eaters — many of them are hosted annually. If it doesn’t make you ill, these eat feats will at least make you marvel at what the human body is capable of! Coney Island, NY Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, July 4 Record: Joey Chestnut, 73.5 hot dogs: 10 minutes Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog…