eat on the go


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Eat On The Go

You just finished your work day but you only have a half hour to make it to your son’s soccer match. Lunch has long worn off, and it will be hours until you get home. You’re going to have to eat this one on the run. You map out quick options along your route — the taco stand, the joint with pizza by the slice, the greasy burger restaurant. It’s just calories to get you through, but what does such careless eating do to your body? Research suggests that eating on the run is less physically satisfying. The study from the University of Surrey examined a group of women, both dieters and non-dieters. They were lead to believe the study was looking at how distraction affects food taste. The study broke the women into three group. The first, watched television while eating a cereal bar. The second had to walk around while eating. The…