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Super Simple Shepherd’s Pie

A 20-minute dinner doesn’t get much better than this classic Irish comfort food. It’s perfect for your St. Paddy’s Day celebration, but it’s plenty delicious enough to make all year long. Shepherd’s Pie is one of those foods you’ll find on any March 17 restaurant menu. You’re practically required to eat it at some point in the month of March. It has become as synonymous with the St. Patrick’s Day celebration as pints of green beer — which is to say, that neither the green-dyed drinks nor this beef-based dinner are exactly Irish. Traditional Shepherd’s Pie uses lamb or mutton (It’s Cottage Pie that uses beef). But here in the U.S., we’ve definitely put our own spin on the holiday, so I think this dish gets a pass, too. I like to cut corners with this recipe and get everything pre-chopped so all I have to do is brown some…

15 minute dinner: Taco soup

Here’s one for those of you with “no time to make anything tonight.” I think you can come up with 15 minutes, right? If you can find just 15 minutes, you can find this super simple and delicious taco soup recipe ready on your table. I say 15 minutes, and you say, “But I still have to stop and get groceries, don’t I? That’s time, too!” Well, yes. But almost everything in this recipe can be stocked in your pantry or freezer, ready to go when you’re out of ideas, and out of time. Add these ingredients to you next online or grocery store order, and pull this recipe up when the week starts to get a little crazy. Taco soup Ingredients 1 tsp olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 1.5 lbs. ground beef (at least 90/10) or ground turkey 1 15-22ounce can of fire-roasted tomatoes* 1 15-ounce can of…