dying Easter eggs


Easy Tie-dye Easter Eggs

When Easter rolls around, everyone wants to get in on the fun of dying eggs. It’s a much-anticipated spring holiday tradition for many kids and families. Some treat it lightly, purchasing the dye kit at the grocery store, happy to apply some soft colors to those crisp, white eggshells. Others, like myself, take the tradition way too seriously. When I dye eggs, I want COLOR! … and I want my eggs to be cooler than everyone else’s eggs. I get competitive when it comes to art projects. I know, weird. But every year I try new fun ways of dying eggs. This year tie-dye is making a comeback, so I thought, “why not eggs, too!” Tie-dye eggs are as easy as wrapping eggs in textured paper towels and dotting them with food coloring, then spritzing them with water. Giving each egg a light squeeze ensures that the paper towel transfers…

Dye speckled Easter eggs using rice this spring

Whether it’s deviled eggs at brunch or egg salad for a snack, spring is the season for scrumptious egg recipes. But before you crack that plain, white shell, first add a little color to your table by dying them. This fun activity will give you beautiful, speckled eggs. Get creative, and add layers of color for your own unique look. Happy spring! What you will need: Hard-boiled eggs Food coloring About 2 heaping tbsp of uncooked rice per cup Small cups, (with lids if possible) (I used empty yogurt cups) Cup cover or plastic wrap to cover  cup Directions: Fill each cup with about 2 tbsp of rice. Add 6-10 drops of different food coloring in each cup. Place covering on top and shake well to fully color rice. Set aside. Repeat for all colors. Place egg in cup with colored rice. Cover. Gently shake in a rolling motion. Check periodically…