New study reveals alcohol can help you speak a foreign language

Have you ever drank a glass of wine and felt fluent in French? It might not be your imagination. A new study found that a drink or two can lower inhibitions and may make it easier for new speakers to overcome their hesitations and awkwardness with a new language. So is it just liquid courage or do people really speak non-native languages better after a little booze? Recent studies have shown that drinking alcohol can have some incredible and unexpected benefits, but how it improves your ability to speak a foreign language wasn’t quite as well understood. So British and Dutch researchers conducted a study to better understand the phenomenon. The study was recently published in Journal of Psychopharmacology. Fifty native German speakers who noted they drink alcohol on occasion also had to demonstrate proficiency in their second language, Dutch. Half of the participants were given water to drink and half were given an alcoholic beverage. Then each person was asked…