10 unusual fruits you’ve probably never tried before

You’ve been eating fruit since you were a kid. Strawberries, apples, grapes — you know the usual suspects. But you can go beyond the banana and find a whole new world of sweet, fibrous fruits out there. Because of their known health benefits — like reducing the risk of diabetes and some cancers — fruits are popular around the world. Many fruits are only available in certain regions of the world because their delicate skin can easily bruise or the product, once harvested, can quickly turn rotten. But that doesn’t have to stop us from admiring their exotic appearances. If you ever come across any of these fascinating fruits, you should definitely give them a try. Mangosteen Mangosteen are grown primarily in Southeast Asia and southwest India. The white, pulpy edible segments inside are tangy, cool, and slightly sweet, while the dark purple hard exterior needs to be pulled away.…