Here are the new food emojis coming to your iPhone

The novelty of the burrito has barely worn off, and already the tech gods are giving us new emojis to express our true feelings. That’s right. Apple is rolling out new emojis with iOS 11.1. In total, Apple is releasing 56 new emojis along with updates for some of the current emojis. Many of the updates will people people who sought to have emojis more inclusive of neutral genders and ages. According to Apple, the emojis “will be in next week’s developer and public beta seeds and debut in upcoming software updates for iOS, WatchOS and MacOS.” Since telling people what we’re eating in the most important use for emojis, here are a few new food emojis to look forward to sharing: A Sandwich: A dumpling: A coconut: meat: pie: takeout: broccoli: canned vegetables: a fortune cookie: A pretzel: Which one are you most excited for? Other exciting emojis include a mermaid,…