Americans spent $40 billion while drunk shopping

Your bar tab might be high, but that might not be the the highest bill you receive for your evening. A new report found that Americans picked up the credit card and spent close to $40 billion on drunk purchases last year — that’s right, BILLIONS! According to Finder.com, 26 percent of people made one or more booze-fueled buying decisions in 2018, which equals out to be a whopping 53.4 million people drunk shopping. More than half of the 2,100 individuals polled claim some of those late-night orders were purely hunger-fueled, but 10 percent admitted to buying cars, and 14 percent admitted to buying vacations. The number of people drunk shopping has actually decreased in recent years, but how much they’re spending is way up. Collectively, Americans dropped $39.4 billion on drunk purchases in the past 12 months — up from $30.43 in 2018. Finder reports that on average, we spent…

Here’s why the first glass of champagne will get you drunker

A leading professor of medicine has published a book that dives into the fascinating science behind our vices, from caffeine to chocolate to alcohol. In his book, The Longevity List, Merlin Thomas puts wives-tales to the test to determine fact vs. fiction. He explains that that the first glass of champagne poured out of any bottle will get the person who drinks it more drunk than those who receive the second, third and fourth (and so on) glasses poured from the same bottle, Mail Online reported. Thomas concluded that the fizz is the culprit for the phenomenon because it speeds up the absorption of alcohol into our bloodstream. While other drinks have fizz, champagne or sparkling wine is the most bubbly alcoholic drink of them all. With the pop of the cork, the carbon dioxide held in the champagne starts to escape partly through those tiny gas bubbles you see rising to the surface, but…