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20 Ways to Beat Stomach Bloating

When you’re battling a bad case of bloating, it can be hard to stay focused. Everyone has been there. Your pants feel tight, your abdomen tightens and you might even feel some stomach pains or unusual growling. About 10 percent of people say they experience the symptoms of bloating regularly. Bloating is usually tied to what you eat. While beans and broccoli are a great part of a long-term weight-loss goal, they can actually be part of the problem in the moment. Eating large meals, rich and fatty foods and eating too fast also all add to the risk of bloating. If you’re one in ten Americans who experience this discomfort, there are a few simple changes you can make that may help. Sip on Water Everyone knows you need to get enough water to stay hydrated, but water helps you from becoming constipated? Water helps keeps things moving and may also help keep you…