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Women who drink beer have a lower risk of heart attack

Good news for women who love a good pint of brew: beer may actually help protect women against the risk of heart attacks and add to overall happiness levels in the long run. The team found that women who regularly drank one or two beers per week were 30 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack than their teetotaling or heavy drinking peers. The longterm study was conducted at Sahlgrenska Academy, a research center at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Aย total of 1,500 women between the ages of 38 to 60 (in 1968-1969) participated. Between 1968 and 2000, the women were required to complete a form revealing their total consumption of alcohol including wine, beer and liquor as well as any diseases, illnesses or conditions they had. The team of scientists cross-referenced the data to look for patterns and trends between alcohol consumption and the risk of certain…