Food-themed ugly Christmas sweaters for all your holiday get-togethers

It’s the month of December and that means way too many holiday parties. If you need to spice things up a bit, but don’t want to get decked out in a full Santa suit or jingly elf costume, these throw on fleeces and sweaters are the perfect option. And bonus points because they celebrate your undying love of junk food. Festive Pizza Party Print Feeling saucy? This brilliant long sleeve T shirt has all the pizza toppings your whole party could ever want. TACO TIME SWEATSHIRT Red tomatoes and green lettuce — tacos were practically made for Christmas. Show your love of Taco Tuesday any day of the week with this fashionable item. Gingerbread Rage Great anytime you want to make your fellow party-goers laugh. Gingerbread hits the icing a bit too hard. Cookie Monster Christmas Sweatshirt This charming sweatshirt featuring everyone’s favorite cookie monster, who obviously hates this holiday because…