Iron Chef makes its TV return with new but familiar Iron Chef Gauntlet

Food Network’s hit show Iron Chef is back … kind of. After a three-year hiatus, the show came sizzling back this past Sunday with a brand new name — Iron Chef Gauntlet — and brand new rules of the game. Unlike any other previous Iron Chef series, which played up the kitschy competition factor, author  and showman extraordinaire, Alton Brown wanted to cook up a show that would be more about the food and the folks who cook it.  Brown tells Fast Company: I always wanted to find new Iron Chefs, and we did the show The Next Iron Chef, but it was like a big-arc reality show. I wanted to tear that down and make it a lot more straightforward… I wanted to finally be able to take the series into a place that I thought it ought to go, which is that it’s all about the food, and it’s all…