Dragon’s breath


FDA warns of dangers associated with eating foods prepared with liquid nitrogen

Well, it was fun while it lasted. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just sent a piece of your summer fun up in a cloud of smoke. The FDA issued a safety alert on Thursday warning consumers about potential dangers associated with eating food containing liquid nitrogen.  Liquid nitrogen laced foods such as cereals, ice cream, and cheese puffs have become popular in recent years because they “emit a misty or smoke-like vapor,” according the the FDA alert. This vapor leaves the consumer with the ability to briefly blow smoke out their nose and mouth to look like a dragon. The foods, often called “Dragon’s Breath” or “Heaven’s Breath”, are commonly served at fairs and festivals, as well as mall kiosks and some ice cream shops, the FDA said. The alert said serious injury, including internal organ damage, can result or eating such foods. Individuals with asthma could be especially at risk. “The FDA…