This is why dogs can’t eat chocolate

While you’re on the fast track to a candy coma this Halloween, remember that just a small bite could have deadly consequences for your furry friend. All those rumors about chocolate being bad for dogs are true. Chocolate is never safe for dogs — not even on Halloween. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs and can even be fatal. While most of us don’t purposely share things like brownies and chocolate bars with our pets, unfortunately, dogs have a way of sniffing around and finding those foods anyway. This means, you have to be careful, and instruct kids not to share candy with pets, as well. The best thing to do, is of course, keep candy well out of the reach of dogs — think air tight containers high on top of the refrigerator. Even then, remember that chocolate candy could show up where you least expect it (of all…

Human foods that you shouldn’t feed your dog, according to a veterinarian

Dedicated dog lovers consider their pets part of the family, so giving them an occasional table snack is just showing them we care, right? Not necessarily. Many of the healthy foods people enjoy such as fruits and vegetables can cause severe health problems for canine companions. If you’re a home cook, chances are your furry friend always has his nose in the kitchen waiting for food to fall, so it might not even be your fault. It’s best to know ahead of time what might pose problems in your kitchen. Picnic season throughout the spring and summer is one of the most common reasons veterinarians see dog patients with food-related issues. Extra food dropped outdoors and encounters with new guests or summer babysitters can lead to potential problems as well — not to mention weight gain. Veterinarian Dr. Stacie Grohmann, of Seven Field Veterinary Hospital offers some expert advice on common foods you might consider…