New January releases to watch on Netflix, Hulu if you love food

If you’re into food entertainment, consider this the Golden Age. Every month, major networks and streaming services release new shows about chefs, diets, restaurants and eating habits around the world. Here are the new releases on Netflix and Hulu I’ll be watching this month. https://youtu.be/_ot6W_7hvrM Rotten Netflix, January 5 The food system is broken and corrupt, dirty and inhumane. If you’re not aware of this, you ought to be. Netflix’s new 6-part true crime series, Rotten, will bring you up to speed. If you buy food in the United States, you should probably check this one out. Anthony Bourdain teamed up with Zero Point Zero Production for this new venture after the duo saw success with Wasted last year, a documentary about the global food waste problem. Barefoot Contessa, Cutthroat Kitchen Hulu, January 1 Surprisingly, Food Network released some of its most popular shows for streaming. The two most recent seasons of Ina…

Documentaries that will make you feel like a real foodie

Watch something that matters this week. Here are 10 powerful films that will change the way you see food. Documentaries can get a bad rap for being boring, but stream this list for a heaping helping of information topped with loads of entertainment. I bet you can’t walk away from these without having your current assumptions about food totally devoured. Conspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) Watch if: You’re on the fence about going vegan Why you should watch: If you’ve been considering an all-veggie diet, this film will give you more than a moral nudge to get there. Executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio pushes the facts on factory farming and the claims that animal agriculture is the biggest threat to the environment—moreso than even fossil fuel. Director Kip Anderson explores government ties to the the meat industry what that means as far as our national understanding of food. Where to watch: Netflix…