Garbage disposals: Don’t dump these items down the drain

If you’re lucky enough to have a garbage disposal, then you know how convenient it is. While some households diligently scrape goo from pots and pans into the trashcan (not a pretty sight), you toss untold things into your sink without much thought. Besides being a time saver, garbage disposals are much more environmentally responsible. Regular operation of a disposal unit only costs only a few dollars per year to operate and uses very little water. In return, you get to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up producing methane gas, while decomposing in your local landfill. Instead, a garbage disposal moves your food scraps through the sewer system to be treated at the water plant where they will likely be recycled and reclaimed as clean water and fertilizer. Much of the food waste that goes down the drain is made up largely of water anyway, so you’re, in a way, returning it to its essence. We…