Here’s the Most Hated Food in Each State

Having similar dislikes is just as important as having similar likes for some people. But that’s the idea behind date app Hater. The app was launched earlier this year and promises to match users based on their mutual disdain for anything from fashion stylers to celebrities and even certain foods โ€” wouldn’t it settle so many pizza delivery problemsย if you and your partner both hated Hawaiian pizza? Well, the people behind Hater compiled information from more than 600,000 users to show us a profile of what foods are most commonly hatedย state-by-state. Some findings aren’t surprising. Washington, the coffee capital of the country, hates Keurig K-cups, while Texans who pride themselves in the meat market, can’t stand their steak cooked well done. And Vermont, the New England King of Cheese, wants nothing to do with that artificial spray cheese from a can. But some of them are hard to rationalize. How…