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7 things Millennials are changing about the food industry

Millennials are being blamed for killing dozens of industries. From oil to real estate, young adults are leaving their mark on the economy by eschewing what used to be considered American institutions. There are many reasons for these societal shifts. Every generation naturally brings different preferences than the generation before. And every generation grows up during a different time in history: war, history, economy — it all plays a part. “I think we have got a very significant psychological scar from the great recession,” Morgan Stanley analyst Kimberly Greenberger told Business Insider. Maybe nowhere is this change in our daily lives more apparent than in the food industry. Casual dining restaurants were, for Boomers, a weekly must — a result of increasingly busy lives, high discretional incomes, and moves to the suburbs. For Millennials, they’re cliché, overpriced and void of personality. In a world full of options like delivery, fast-casual and make-at-home meal…