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Celebrities taking a bite out of the food world

It was announced last week that Walburgers, the burger restaurant chain co-founded by the famous Wahlberg brothers Mark and Donnie, will expand their restaurant empire once again — this time they have their meat hooks in Pittsburgh, with reportedly two locations opening up in the next year. The Boston-born brothers opened their first restaurant in their home city in 2011, but the chain has expanded to include locations in Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Michigan, Nevada, Florida and Canada. But they’re not the only famous faces lending their celebrity status and financial firepower to please our stomachs. Here are 20 celebrities you didn’t know were in the restaurant biz. 1. Channing Tatum, Saints and Sinners (pictured) The New Orleans restaurant is decked out in contemporary bordello décor, a tribute to the Big Easy’s nightlife. Cocktails, specialty drinks and dirty martinis are in store for the bustling crowds. 2. Robert DeNiro, Nobu DeNiro opened Nobu…