Junk food increases your risk of depression, study shows

While you may think that burger from your favorite fast food joint will bring you a boost of happiness, a new study shows that the opposite is actually true. The study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, suggests that eating junk food raises the risk of depression, the Guardian reported. The research calls for doctors to give dietary advice to patients along with their other individualized treatment for depression. The findings are the results of the analysis of researchers from Britain, Spain, Finland and Australia, among other countries, who data-mined 41 other previous studies linking diet and depression. Researchers found that foods containing lots of sugar, fat, or those that are highly processed, commonly let to inflammation in the body. The study said that chronic inflammation can negatively affect brain chemistry, leading to illnesses like depression. Junk foods can also impact the neurotransmitters responsible for mood swings, so that quick…