Chef attempts to make gourmet Cheetos

Bon Appétite recently released a video showing pastry chef Claire Saffitz’s attempt at recreating the Cheetos. While it may take you 3 minutes to eat a whole bag of the oh-so-additicting neon orange snack, it took Saffitz three days to make something recognizable. The final product was less “gourmet” Cheetos and more of just Cheetos made with natural ingredients. While the original processed Cheetos product has some questionable ingredients, Saffitz’s included everyday items like polenta, baking powder, egg whites, salt, spices, vegetable oil, cornstarch, sharp cheddar, powdered milk. Only tapioca maltodextrin raises an eyebrow. Upon further research this is how chefs convert high-fat liquids into powder — necessary for recreating the powdered cheese and getting it to stick. The official process reportedly only take Cheetos only 19 minutes, but is nearly impossible for a home chef. That is, unless you follow this video, get out your high-powered blender, dehydrated, fryer, oven, deep…

Delightfully crispy apple cinnamon chips

Apple cinnamon chips take such little effort, I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t tried to make them before. I guess because I usually try to stay away from dehydrating foods. The thought of leaving my oven on for eight hours makes me (irrationally) nervous, but these take just about two hours. I can deal with that. And to maximize the oven’s energy, you can load up as many cookie sheets or baking dishes with apple slices as you can fit. I had a whole bag of apples left that were originally intended for more apple sauce, but I was feeling more creative than that. I washed and sliced up my mixed bag of apples, coated them with cinnamon and a hint of sugar, and popped them in the oven. These chips are a naturally healthy snack. For a completely guilt-free chip, leave off the sugar. Seriously. They’re tasty and sweet as-is. You’ll love them…