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How to brew the perfect french press coffee

French press coffee might look intimidating, but if you can drop a plastic pod into a Keurig, you can easily brew a great cup of French press. It’s totally worth waking up a few minutes earlier to use this flavorful method and save yourself from buying those expensive machines and wasteful K-cups. Experts estimate that every year, coffee drinkers are trashing enough single serving coffee pods to circle the planet between 10 1/2 and 12 times. But your freshly ground coffee beans produce zero waste and actually work as great compost among other things. There is no wasteful paper filter involved in the process (although you can compost this paper, you probably don’t), which allows the oils in the coffee bean to stay in your cup and give you a more satisfying serving of coffee. Are you ready to make the best brew you’ve ever had? It’s as easy as spooning coffee grinds to your French…

The U.S. Army figured out the best time to drink coffee for maximum alertness

If you love coffee, you probably can’t think of a bad time for a cup of Joe, but a new study shows that there is, in fact, a best time to drink it if alertness is what you’re going for. Researchers from the U.S. Army developed an algorithm that can make personal recommendations for the timing your morning cup with the goal of drinking the least amount of coffee while achieving optimal alertness, reports LiveScience.  By using the algorithm, researchers found that they could improve people’s performance on attention-based tasks by up to 64 percent even though participants were drinking the same amount of caffeine as usual. The study found that people could reduce their coffee consumption by up to 65 percent without losing any of the effects of the caffeine. The algorithm takes into account factors like a person’s sleep schedule, sleep deprivation, schedule, and alertness at different times during the day. A…