This Turkey Veggie Tray will be the talk of Thanksgiving

Bring this tasty veggie turkey tray to your Thanksgiving Day gathering and everyone will gobble it up! It’s super simple to assemble, and a fun way to snack healthy before devouring what’s likely to be a belt-busting feast. You can get creative and use nearly any veggie you might have on hand, but here’s what I included in mine: Cucumber slices carrots red peppers yellow peppers cauliflower peas Assemble vegetables, in rows, on a large round platter. Then, just pick up a container of ranch dip (or make your own), cut an adorable turkey face, and you’re all set! For more details, watch the how-to video above. Gobble Gobble! Also check out: 17 Thanksgiving recipes you don’t want to miss! Also see,ย The first TV Dinner was a Thanksgiving feast. Follow us on Instagram.

All the produce in season in July

Welcome to July, the first official full month of summer! By now you’re probably swimming in summer produce. Ninety degree temperatures and lots of sunlight bring tons of vibrant, colorful food options this month, particularly more fruit. Eat what’s in season, and you’ll save money and enjoy tastier foods. It’s a win/win. Summer produce doesn’t change a whole lot each month, but here’s what’s new for July: Apples Apples are thought of as a fall fruit, but many are actually ripe and ready right now. Apples have a nice, long run, so enjoy your juices, apples, dumplings, and pies, now through November. Apricots Apricots are rich in fiber and bring a healthy dose of vitamin A. Kids love their sweet flavor and smaller size. Eat them fresh, blend them in smoothies, make apricot cookies, or add to salads like this Apricot Arugula Summertime salad. Basil Celebrate the return of fresh,…

Fresh Summer Farm Stand Juice

You know you’re solidly an adult when you find yourself looking forward to the Friday evening farmers market. I love leisurely meandering through the aisle, comparing produce and the homemade offerings of one vendor to the next. I usually leave with fresh cut wildflowers, a new jar of jam, some Amish baked goods, and a whole basket of local produce. I set out to create a refreshing juice that reminded me of my summer Friday evening happy place. All of those fresh fruit smells and juicy looking veggies. It’s summertime in a glass. Here is my recipe for Fresh Summer Farm Stand Juice:ย  Fresh Summer Farm Stand Juice Ingredients 6 fresh strawberries, rinsed with greens in tact 1 large cucumber 1 large apple, (Envy is great for juicing) 2 medium carrots, washed and peeled small handful of spinach Directions Run all ingredients through a juice, being sure to adjust your…

Guilt-free foods you can eat endlessly without gaining weight

Everything in moderation. But luckily, “moderation” with these 15 foods means something much more than most. The high water content, high fiber content and low calorie counts mean that you can pretty much eat these foods until you’re totally sick of them without seeing a bit of added weight on your frame. Of course you can overdo anything, but for a quick guide of what to guiltlessly grab from the fridge, start here. Blackberries Eating blackberries aids in digestion and helps us to stay alert. They are said to tighten tissue and give our skin a more youthful appearance. Like most berries, blackberries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants known as bioflavonoids. Get all of this for only 62 calories per serving. Kale With 33 calories per cup, eat as much kale as you want without worrying about your waistline. It also contains three grams of protein and 2.5…