Easy ways to help restaurants survive the Coronavirus pandemic

The United States has fully plunged into the coronavirus pandemic. It’s an uncertain time for most people and businesses, and restaurants are no exception. Small businesses of all kinds depend on foot traffic, and with people staying home voluntarily—and now by government mandate in many areas—businesses and their employees are feeling particularly vulnerable. Here’s how you can help. Get take-out But just because you can’t sit down and grab a beer and a burger at your favorite local business doesn’t mean you can’t still help support them during their time of need. Some restaurants have adapted to offering take-out for the first time, while others have extended take-out menus already in place. Others have even started to offer delivery service or at the very least, curb-side delivery. Make a quick phone call to a local restaurant and see what services they’re offering. They’ll be happy to hear from you! Tip…

America’s favorite beer is an import, research shows

Determining America’s favorite beer is quite an undertaking. With more than 7,300 microbreweries, brewpubs, and regional craft breweries turning out everything from Natural Light to Pickleball IPA, there are no shortage of options for Americans looking for cold one. Yet despite the bevy of domestic choices, as it turns out, America’s favorite beer is actually an import. Yes, Dutch beer Heineken is the beer of choice in America. To determine the title-holder, YouGov, an online market research company, looked at popularity scores and quality scores gathered from more than 8,000 respondents. Heineken (47%)  took the title of top brew, narrowly edging out Guinness (47%). Don’t agree? You’re not alone. The results were far from a national consensus, because to be “America’s favorite” the study required high scores in both recognition and quality. (The best beer in the country can’t be the favorite if only a handful of people have ever heard of…