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Chocolate milk helps you recover from a grueling work out, study shows

It’s natural to work up a thirst and appetite after a tough workout — but what exactly you should be eating and drinking is highly debated. Some experts swear by protein, while others insist on sports drinks or alternatives like coconut water. One post-workout option you’ll see kick around often is chocolate milk. Why? Well, for starters, everyone loves chocolate milk — who wouldn’t want to look forward to an ice cold glass? But besides being tasty, it has a great combination of hydrating H2O, protein, and simple carbohydrates that can help your body heal after a particularly difficult day at the gym. The new research was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study concluded that high-fat milk was just as effective as sports drinks or water in helping you recover from intense exercise. While water and sports drinks are great, chocolate milk has an edge when it comes to…

A surprising number of adults think brown cows make chocolate milk

Seven percent of all adults in America believe that brown cows produce chocolate milk, according to an online survey commissioned by the Innovation Center of U.S. Dairy. That’s about 16.4 million misinformed folks who don’t know that chocolate milk is made of milk, cocoa and sugar. It’s jaw dropping for most of us, but for decades, educators and observers of all things agriculture have been telling us that we’re basically illiterate when it comes to what’s on our kitchen table. Many people don’t stop to consider where their food is grown or how it gets to the store — or, like chocolate milk, how it’s made. On study commissioned in the early ’90s found that nearly 1 in 5 adults didn’t know hamburgers are beef. Even more adults didn’t know basic farming facts and practices such as what animals eat or how big a U.S. farm typically is. Seemingly, not…