chicken tikka masala


15 Most popular Everybody Craves recipes this year

As 2018 comes to a close, we reflect on all the delicious foods we’ve made throughout the past 12 month. We pretty much love all of the foods we’ve posted, but a fun part of running a food website is seeing which recipes and articles you, our lovely readers, respond to the best. It seems that you share our deep love of desserts, but thatย we also go out of our way to buy fresh produce and eat healthy. This means fresh smoothies and juices in the morning and lightened up renditions of classic dishes. We like to keep our cooking simple, and we welcome a good crock pot recipe. Though we’re surprised some of these recipes beat out others, your readership speaks. We’re glad you loved them so much. And we’ll use this knowledge in the future when bringing you even more delicious recipes in 2019. Here are the 15…

Easy slow cooker chicken tikka masala

Before we know it, colder temperatures will descend upon us. First chilly, windy fall. Then snow, ice, and slush. You can hardly wait, right? Well, if there is one thing to look forward to as the weather cools, it’s warm, delicious slow cooker recipes โ€” the kind that give you the perfect excuse to cozy up inside on the couch and finish up your Netflix binge. Slow cookers are ideal because they magically turn ingredients from nothing into a delicious, flavorful meal. Plus you get credit for cooking, and reap all of the rewards, when you’ve really been lazy all day. This is a simple recipe that benefits from a long, slow simmer, so once you dump you ingredients into the pot, let cook and go about your day. Chicken, or paneer, tikka masala is probably one of my favorite foods on earth right now. I can’t get enough! But…