11 restaurants open on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about home cooked meals, but that doesn’t mean all restaurants will be shutting their doors. According to the National Restaurant Association, holiday dinners and Thanksgiving brunch are big business. About one in every ten Americans will eat out this Thanksgiving, with Millennials being especially likely to skip out on making the meal. But regardless if you’re giving up cooking this Thanksgiving, going out for breakfast, or in a pinch and need to pick up a take-out side dish, these national restaurant chains have you covered. They’ll be leaving their doors open on national Turkey Day to help you celebrate however you see fit. Here are 11 restaurants open on Thanksgiving. ApplebEe’s Select Applebee’s locations around the country will offer a special Thanksgiving meal with all the usual sides done Applebee’s style. Call your local restaurant ahead of time to make sure they’ll be ope. Boston Market Order by…

10 Most Delicious Dunking Fountains

It all started harmlessly enough. Mid-century American families loved their chocolate fondue, so they served it in single-family-sized fondue pots as dessert on special occasions. Flash forward through decades of excess and unbridled food experimentation, and you have behemoth-sized, towering tiers of condiments for every occasion. 1. Hot Sauce For those who carry a bottle of Frank’s, Tabasco or Cholula with them. True hot sauce lovers would find different ways to use this fountain daily. Best with: Sandwiches, vegetables, meat, mac & cheese, scrambled eggs, pretty much anything… 2. Ketchup The all-american food fountain. Ten billion ounces of ketchup are consumed annually. And while 97 percent of households keep a bottle handy at all times, a much lower number are equipped with this fancy ketchup fountain to demonstrate their true love for the sweet and savory red sauce. Best with: Burgers, hot dogs, french fries, fast food, eggs, breakfast, potatoes, pretty much anything……