Roasted Brussels sprouts with pecans, squash and cranberries

Think you don’t like Brussels sprouts? This recipe will change your mind. Brussels sprouts have made a major comeback, and for a good reason. They’re loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, folate and fiber that will help keep you full and regular while lowering your change of heart disease and stroke. But if all you’ve had are mushy green sprouts soaking in some flavorless liquid, no wonder you don’t list them among your favorite foods. The key to enjoying brussels is the texture acquired while roasting. Brussels have thin leaves that become addictively crispy when done right โ€” like a more filling kale chip. Blanching brussels first allows you to roast them at a higher temperature and achieve maximum crispiness. This gluten-free, vegetarian side dish of Brussels sprouts, cinnamon, squash, cranberries and pecans is a perfect addition to the Thanksgiving table โ€” or any table. Brussels Sprouts salad with fall…