Shark attack cool kids “cocktail”

Straight out of the deep blue, sip this cool kids cocktail as you watch things heat up during Shark Week. This fun themed drink is perfect for kids or adults. Feel free to substitute the soda with a lower sugar option like tonic, or throw in a few peach rings or Lifesavers to turn your glass into a full-on ocean scene. Shark attack kids cocktail Ingredients Sprite or lemon-lime soda Lemonade Blue sports drink (Like Powerade or Gatorade) Gummy sharks Ice fun straw Directions Fill pitcher, bowl, or individual glasses with ice. Then pour in 1/3 Sprite, 1/3 lemonade, and then 1/4 or less blue sports drink (mostly to give it some color). Add gummy shark below, in, or above the ice. Serve with a fun straw. Now get back to Shark Week! ALSO TRY: Easy life preserver donuts will save you during Shark Week. Follow us on Instagram.

Lemon poppy seed pancakes with Greek yogurt

Spring mornings just scream for bright and sunshiny breakfasts like these lemon poppy seed pancakes. They’re not too heavy, and the fresh citrus taste is so enjoyable to wake up to. But let’s face it: breakfast for dinner is always a delicious option. You’ll look forward to these homemade pancakes no matter what time the meal. This fun pancake recipes use a full cup of Greek yogurt for added protein, plus plenty of lemon zest and crunchy poppy seeds so you know you’re eating something special. Trust me, the flavor does not get lost here. If you’re a fan of lemon poppy seed anything, these won’t disappoint. A simple, quality maple syrup drizzled on top is a perfect touch, but a fruit flavored syrup like raspberry, blueberry or strawberry would go great, too. Try adding a cup of any of these fruits fresh to your batter for something a little different. This batch makes a whole…

Kitchens Painted this Color Sell For More

As it turns out, when it comes to real estate, Americans value the color blue. Zillow’s 2017 Paint Colors Analysis found that the color can add value to home when painted in the appropriate rooms. In the recent study, Zillow analyzed photos of more than 32,000 homes that were sold in the United States to see how paint color could have affected the price. Homes with soft blue kitchens were found to have sold for about $1,809 more — especially in Charlotte, NC — while homes with yellow kitchens were sold for about $820 less on average. But the benefits of blue go beyond the kitchen. Interestingly, the bathroom color seemed to have the biggest impact in sales versus any other room. Homes with blue bathrooms, most often powder blue or periwinkle, sold for about $5,400 more than expected. White paint faired the worst here. White, eggshell or off-white saw values slip…