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Avocado Whole Wheat Pasta Salad Recipe

When your avocados are ready, they’re ready. There is no waiting until tomorrow because they can seemingly go from perfect to spoiled overnight. This avocado whole wheat pasta salad recipe is great since you can use up two or three ripe avocados at once, and most importantly, do it in the most delicious way. This recipe can be a weeknight time-saver, too. Prep the veggies ahead of time and set aside in a covered bowl. Ripe, summer tomatoes, fresh cilantro, crunchy green onions, crisp bacon and creamy avocados are a team made in heaven to tempt you tastebuds. Add the smooth, silky dressing to healthy whole wheat pasta, and you have one incredible meal — trust me, this pasta salad is something special. I’ve added some flaky tuna in the past for some extra protein, and it tasted great. I’d imagine you can easily add chicken or shrimp to this…

Mediterranean tricolored rotini crab pasta salad

I make this recipe no less than 10 times a year. It’s always a hit at friend gatherings. It’s a must at Memorial Day. I never have leftovers when I bring it to work potlucks, and it’s perfect to have ready in the fridge anytime you think people might stop by. Plus, you can prepare it the night before, never worry about keeping it hot, and you can adapt the recipe to make as much as you like. When you have to feed a large number of people, try this pasta salad instead of your go-to lasagne. I made a huge bowl of this for my friends after they had their baby and they appreciated someone finally brought them something lighter and healthier! You can add anything to the mix from shredded mozzarella to sunflower seeds or blueberries. I like tossing in mandarin orange slices for a touch of sweetness and crushed croutons for some…

This is why you’ve never eaten a fresh olive

Olives are fruits that grow on trees, but have you ever wondered why you’ve never seen a fresh olive in the produce section of your grocery store? And did you know that those black olives sitting atop your pizza slice probably started in groves as green olives? As part of the series Reactions, The American Chemical Society and PBS Digital Studios produced a video that touches on the history of eating olives — it’s actually pretty recent — as well as the three chemical processes that make olives lose the terrible tasting compound, oleurpein, that prevents us from eating them fresh. Check this out to learn more about the three chemical methods producers can use on the fruit of the Olea Europaea to bring us the salty little snacks we know and love.  Why can’t you buy fresh olives? https://youtu.be/oStoeHntfG8 Also see, VIDEO: How to build the perfect charcuterie tray. Follow us on Instagram.