Try these wines at your next backyard barbecue

Barbecue season is in full swing, but there’s no reason why beer should be the only alcohol available to guests in your backyard. July and August are the perfect time for wine-soaked weekend cookouts. Since these late summer days can be scorchers, it’s important to find wines that will keep you feel refreshed and not contribute to your heatstroke (be careful out there!). BBQ wines also need not be expensive — chill summer nights don’t sit well with anything too stuffy. The search can be difficult, but wines ready for grill days are out there. Here are a few of my favs — whites, rosé, and reds, too! Clos Beylesse Cotes De Provence Rosé 2016 You’ll find nothing more refreshing at a backyard summer soiree than a glass of chilled rosé. Readily available in most wine stores throughout American and Europe, this soft yet zesty wine is extremely light and delicious. $26 Bieler Family Daisy Pinot…

An Appetite for a Higher Education Course in Barbecue

The south has given us seersucker, sweet tea and a very, very passive aggressive way to address our adversaries. Bless your heart.  But even with that said, the sauciest thing to come out of the South is barbecue. Barbecue is a big deal in the south. If you hail from Texas, North Carolina, Kentucky or anywhere in between, you have a more refined appreciation for the flavors of your favorite cuts of ‘cue than do your northern neighbors. You were raised with it, and you probably know between 10 to 20 local pit masters you can call by their first name. But now these southern secrets are being shared. According to Southern Living, two faculty members at Wofford College—a small liberal arts school located in Spartanburg, in upstate South Carolina—developed a course that teaches students this fine southern art. The month-long course was part of the college’s Interim program, that…