bagel store


Galaxy bagel is out of this world

From the folks who brought us the Rainbow Bagel, get ready for the otherworldly experience of the Galaxy Bagel. The Bagel Store, located in Brooklyn, NY, achieved internet fame last year with its swirled, brightly colored bread smeared with cream cheese and funfetti filling. But refusing to go quietly into the night, the store is back on the trending food scene with this gorgeous intergalactic-inspired breakfast treat. The Galaxy Bagels boast a beautiful night sky color scheme of black, turquoise and magenta and are topped with what appears to be glittery, edible sugar crystals. If that isn’t enticing enough, the bagels are  also filled with Moon Rock Cream Cheese — and by moon rocks, they mean big chunks of delicious Oreo cookies. Perfection. No word yet on taste, but for an ultimate in Instagram food photography, jet over to New York for your own Galaxy Bagel. Introducing The Galaxy Bagels with Moon Rock Cream Cheese!…