Food bank received antique Heinz soup can donation

We’re all guilty of it. When it’s time to donate to the food bank, we go to our shelves and pull off some items without giving the expiration date much thought.ย But one food bank was stunned after a mystery donor left a 47-year-old tin can of soup. It’s a record!! Never had a donation with 10d on before! Please could we remind everyone that food donated needs to be in date! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ pic.twitter.com/EVf5qMulA6 โ€” Cardiff Foodbank (@CardiffFoodbank) October 5, 2017 The workers at the Cardiffย Foodbank posted a picture of antique can of Heinz kidney soup to Twitter. The photo showed a price tag with 10d stamped it. The can is thought to be about 46 or 47 years old, dating to at least before 1971 when Britain adopted a decimal system for their currency. Heinz hasn’t even made kidney soup in 35 years. It’s believed that the soup…