If you sidle up to any bar in America and order a nondescript round of shots (and thereby slightly annoy your bartender), you better like Jack Daniels. A recent survey found that bartenders are more likely to pour you a shot of the classic Tennessee whiskey than any other liquor.

The MetrixLab MSS Bartender Influence Study asked nearly 10,000 bartenders in the United States to rank all major spirit brands and how likely they are to recommend them to a customer. The results were broken down into categories.

Along with being the most-recommended shot/shooter, Jack Daniels is also the most recommended brand of whiskey.

The only other brand of liquor to appear twice on the list was Bacardi, as the most-recommended rum and the most-recommended flavored spirit.

Patrón was the most-recommended spirit overall, which is great news, since it supposedly can help you lose weight.

Grey Goose took top spot for vodka and Bombay Sapphire for gin.

Here is a list of the overall recommendations of 2019 as tallied through the annual survey:

Overall spirit: Patrón

Blended scotch: Johnnie Walker

Cognac: Hennessy

Cordial: Grand Mariner

Coffee cordial: Baileys

Flavored spirits: Bacardi flavors

Gin: Bombay Sapphire

Rum: Bacardi

Shot/shooter: Jack Daniel’s

Single malt: The Macallan

Tequila: Patrón

Vodka: Grey Goose

Whiskey: Jack Daniel’s

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