The presents are wrapped, the tree is lit, and the cookies are decorated. With all that work behind you, there’s just one thing left to go—the table setting. And what better way to add holiday cheer than with a dish of Christmas tree-shaped butter.

Produced by Keller’s Creamery (the makers of the popular turkey-shaped butter), the 4-ounce Christmas tree butter sculpture stands all on its own, with four spreadable evergreen tree branch layers cascading over a sturdy base.

The beautiful butter is bound to get your guests’ attention. With the equivalent of about eight tablespoons of butter, there’s plenty for everyone at your holiday bash to spread on their rolls, melt atop their green beans, or add to their cornbread casserole.

Looking for a little butter tree of your own?

Keller’s Creamery has a store locator with a complete list of locations selling the Christmas butter tree. The website doesn’t list price, but the Thanksgiving version retailed for $3.99, so it will likely be close to that price point.

But don’t delay! These cute dairy Christmas trees are only available for the month of December.

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