Are you ready to ring in the New Year? New Year’s Eve is full of fun, friends, and of course, food! Most NYE parties don’t start until after dinner, so that means you’re free to bring—or supply—lots of simple finger foods and snacks. And what could pair more deliciously with a few drinks than some sweet, salty popcorn?

But it is New Year’s Eve after all, so rules state that popcorn must be sparkly.

We have that covered!

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This festive, sparkly popcorn is more of a procedure than a recipe. Just buy pre-popped Skinny Pop, or another brand of lightly salted popped corn, and throw it together right before your party starts. It’s also easy to make more during the night if you run out. Pro tip: It can also be made up to one month ahead of time and stored in an airtight container.

For serving, Sparkling New Year’s Eve Party Popcorn looks fantastic served in a great big bowl, but you could also scoop it into single serving cups or baggies.

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Sparkling New Year’s Eve Party Popcorn

Makes about 6 cups


  • 6 cups popped popcorn (with no butter but salt is okay)
  • 1 cup marshmallow minis
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup white chocolate chips
  • 1/8 cup semi-sweet mini chocolate chips
  • Gold sugar sprinkles
  • White candy pearl sprinkles
  • Silver sugar sprinkles
  • Black sugar sprinkles
  • Gold and/or silver star sprinkles

Tip: Grocery stores typically stock gold, silver, black, and white sprinkles this time of year. If you’re having trouble finding them at your supermarket, most party stores also carry a good supply. If all else fails, online offers a whole wide world of sprinkle colors and shapes. Try Wilton or Amazon.


  1. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Spread popcorn and marshmallows over surface. Set aside.
  2. Melt dark chocolate and white chocolate in microwave: Place chocolate and white chocolate in separate microwave-safe bowls and heat for 15 seconds before removing to stir. Repeat until white and dark chocolate are melted.
  3. Drizzle white and dark chocolate over popcorn.
  4. Move quickly so sprinkles adhere to chocolate before it hardens. Sprinkle very generously with variously types of sprinkles.
  5. Top with star sprinkles.
  6. Let chill in refrigerator for 10 minutes to allow chocolate to harden.
  7. Remove from fridge. Break popcorn up into chunks.


Sparkling New Year's Eve Party Popcorn_5

Sparkling New Year's Eve Party Popcorn_1

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